Timm, Seattle

This is among the best investments I have made in my décor. When people visit my condo the TV is one of the first things they compliment me on and they always remember it. I get a lot of people saying to mutual friends "you have to see Timm's TV." And then they pull out their own phones to show off pictures of my TV. 

I live in a building built in the mid 60's and my décor is all Mid Century or modern. I have 20 feet of hugh picture windows looking out over a golf course and people always notice and remember the TV. If the TV is off people ask if it works and if it's on they ask where I got a working classic TV. Just about the time they finish with the question is when they realize that the TV is a modern flat screen. It's awesome!!

I found Jeff's ad/post on Craigslist. He's outside of Portland Oregon and I am in Seattle. We corresponded with each other via email and Jeff sent me a worksheet to take measurement with. He then custom built the TV case to house my TV. I traveled down to Portland one weekend and he spent a few hours customizing the finishes to my TV. He does great work, is easy to work with and I would recommend him to anyone. 

The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures, Kansas City

 I discovered Jeff’s midcentury-style television cabinet while I was working on an exhibit called Playing for Keeps: The VFW Marble Tournaments, 1947-1962. I wanted to create a midcentury living room for visitors to relax in while they watched a film about the tournaments. The cabinet with a flat screen television is one of the most popular features of the exhibit, and people often think it is an antique that has been modified. It is especially nostalgic for visitors who grew up in the 1950s and 1960s and brings a smile to their faces. The construction is sturdy and the finish is beautiful.   

Justin, Napa

I've posted pics with Jeff's TV on a FB site called Mid Century Modern Kitch twice now. Both times I've had up to 1500 likes with dozens of questions about where I got the TV. I love to think that my pics are helping out in some way!