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Mid Century Madness!


Your whole home broadcasts your love for all things Mid Century.  Don't let an ugly TV disrupt the whole room.

Modern Utility


Inside every cabinet is a 32" Smart TV, a soundbar and wireless subwoofer, streaming device, power strip, cabinet cooling fan, and remote repeater.  The door folds down for a BluRay player, cable box, or gaming system.

Classic Touches


Each cabinet is handcrafted and detailed with special touches like NOS knobs and brass ferrules on the feet

Still more about us

Looking for more photos?


I took this website down last year and haven't finished rebuilding it.  If you'd like to see more pictures, try my Instagram page, @deluxefurnitureco

So what does one cost?


The cabinets are $1500.  That includes all of the electronics (TV, Roku, sound bar and subwoofer, power strip, remote repeater, and cabinet cooling fan).

You can choose the color of the cabinet, the bezel (gold thingy around the screen), and the speaker cloth.  For the price of the item, I can also install an AppleTV, Firestick, GooglePlay, BluRay player, etc.

What about shipping?



I'm in Oregon and I work with a local freight forwarding service that contracts with national commercial carriers.  It seems that from me to just about anywhere in the country is right around $500.  California is usually about $300 and I'm sure Oregon and Washington would be less. We might get lucky with UShip, but that's been really hit and miss for me.

I'm not sure what shipping to Canada would entail, but the local shipper I have used does handle international shipping

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